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through which you can visit more than 130 , natural, archaeological, religious, and cultural sites:

  • 600 Full 360° degrees photos (virtual tour photos).
  • Voice-over for each site.
  • 15 minuets Panoramic video for these sites.
  • More than 1000 snapshots
  • Written texts for each site.
  • An Interactive map enables quick links for the sites’ information. It contains a control panel that helps to find the roads between the cities and the sites. The map also enables zooming in\out, research and classification of the map layers.
  • There are maps of the main cities in Syria with scale tools and quick links for the sites.

The Encyclopedia also contains:

  • Information about tourist utilities.
  • Information about public utilities.
  • A historical background of Syria.
  • Details of habits, traditions, folklore and handcrafts.
  • Festivals and Exhibitions.


It seems that, since hundred thousands years ago, people were eager to settle at the Euphrates banks the Assi (orantes) river valley in Syria, and among gardens of pines and oaks


Azem Palace (Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions)

This Palace was erected by the Mayor of Damascus Asaad Pasha al-Azem in 1749 according to the traditions of Damascene architecture.

Snapshots from Palmyra

The Temple of Bell

This stands in an enormous compound (205m by 210m) at the East end of the main colonnaded street.

Aleppo 360° Photos

Take a Virtul Tour for Aleppo

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